Zee Al-Ayn historical village
A village out of this world (author: Florent Egal)
Wadi Massal
Wadi Massal, inscriptions of ancient kings of Arabia (author: Florent Egal)
Uyun Al-Jiwa
An ancient oasis celebrated by Arab poets (author: Florent Egal)
The oldest human settlement of Saudi Arabia (author: Florent Egal)
The masterpiece of Arabian prehistory (author: Florent Egal)
Rijal Alma’
The iconic traditional village of Saudi Arabia (author: Florent Egal)
The Stonehenge of Saudi Arabia (author: Florent Egal with extracts from "The Socio-Hydrolic Foundations of Oasis Life in NW Arabia:[...]
Qasr Zaba’al
The Watchtower of Sakaka (author: Florent Egal with extracts from "Dûmat Al-Jandal, l'antique Adummatu", Guillaume Charloux (CNRS), Romolo Loreto (University[...]
Najran City
A city of traditions and ancient History (author: Florent Egal)
Musayqirah – Graffiti Rock 1
Mussigrah - Graffiti Rock 1: the rich past of Riyadh's region carved in the rock (author: Florent Egal)
Madain Saleh
The second largest city of the Nabatean Kingdom (author: Florent Egal)
Lion Tombs of Dedan
The proud iconic figures of an ancient Arabian kingdom (author: Florent Egal)
Khasm Al-Asmar – Graffiti Rock 2
Of sand dunes and rock art... (author: Florent Egal)
A place where millennia are carved in the rock (author: Florent Egal)
Historical Diriyah
The birth place of the Saudi Kingdom (author: Andy Conder)
A major city along the pilgrimage road from Baghdad (author: Florent Egal)
Farasan Islands
The jewel of the Red Sea (author: Florent Egal, with inputs from Villeneuve François. Une inscription latine sur l'archipel Farasân,[...]
The history book of ancient Arabian KingdomsJust 20 kilometers south of the famous ancient city of Madain Saleh is the much[...]
Dumat Al-Jandal
A timeless oasis (author: Florent Egal)
One of the oldest kingdoms of Arabia (author: Florent Egal)