Jebel Al-Qahar – Wadi Lajab

The miracle of Sarawat Mountains


Jebel Qahar is a massif located 80 kilometers northeast of Jizan City that peaks slightly above 2000 meters above sea level. In addition to the wonderful scenery of green mountains Jebel Al-Qahar hosts another jewel of Jizan Province: the Wadi Lajab.

The valley of Wadi Lajab is in fact canyon about 5 kilometers long and from 3 to 30 kilometers wide but given that its steep sides are as high as 300 meters in some parts the narrow and incredibly deep valley offers some quite dramatic the view points.

Cave at Al-Qahar (photo: Jens Nieman)

Cave at Al-Qahar (photo: Jens Nieman)

But the most incredible feature of Wadi Lajab is the fact that it delivers fresh water more regularly than any other wadi in Saudi Arabia. The stream that runs at the bottom of the canyon creates mid-sized waterfalls and the numerous ponds are deep enough to host fish... and travelers who want to enjoy a bath!

Wadi Lajab (photo: Jens Nieman)

Wadi Lajab (photo: Jens Nieman)

Wadi Lajab (photo: Jens Nieman)

Wadi Lajab (photo: Jens Nieman)

Together with the colorful sand rocks formations Wadi Lajab is a truly breathtaking experience.

Jens and Kerstin Nieman, authors of "Beautiful Saudi Arabia"

The Saudi daily newspaper Arab News ​quotes a famous Arabic tragic love poem called "Layla Majnu" in which the hero Majnu bin Qais dies — a sort of Arabic Romeo and Juliet. Local people believe that Manju came from Wadi Lajab region.

The miracle of Sarawat Mountains (author: Florent Egal)

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