Jebel Fayfa

The neighbor of the moon


Fayfa is the jewel of Jizan Province high in the Arabian skies. With its peaks over 2 600 meters above sea level the Fayfa offers unexpected and stunning scenery over the lush mountains of this massif located just 60 kilometers from the Red Sea.

Another beautiful feature of Fayfa mountains is the terraces that were built over the centuries in order to allow agriculture to develop in this humid and fertile but steep land.

A curiosity that will strike the traveler admiring Fayfa scenery is the hand-made carriages used by the residents to transport merchandise and even people despite the obvious dangers, but seen by locals as the only way to overcome the natural obstacles that are not fully compensated for by the narrow roads along the escarpments.

Fayfa Mountains in Jizan Province (Photo: Yahya711)

Fayfa Mountains in Jizan Province (Photo: Yahya711)

Because of its outstanding landscapes and pleasant weather the Fayfa mountains are often named the “neighbour of the moon”, “heavens of the earth” or the “Magical Fayfa”.

The neighbor of the moon (author: Florent Egal)

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