Our Mission

The mission of the Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide is twofold: to reveal and to create links.null

To reveal the wonders the Kingdom has to offer

As described in the post Why Exploring Saudi Arabia? the Kingdom hosts an incredible amount of fascinating places that are still to be discovered. Our first role at Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide is to reveal to you the great variety of wonderful landscapes, rich historical and cultural sites, that are as many hidden treasures that will amaze you. When launched, the website had already over 50 posts about places to visit in Saudi Arabia but at least as many are to come in the following months.

​To create links with the people that can help you experiencing Saudi Arabia

As described in the post About Tourism in Saudi Arabia the Kingdom is fairly new to tourism other than religious. Given the great amount of sites with various profiles it is not possible to build in few years all infrastructures and the necessary organization to allow tourists to visit the country by themselves. This is the reason why we strongly recommend to rely on our network of Tour Guides that have the required  experience, knowledge, and contacts to offer you the best conditions to explore this fascinating country.

Unfortunately many wonderful places are still not covered by the existing network of tour operators but we are working closely with them to extend their offer to the still-confidential jewels of Saudi Arabia.

To support touristic agencies to deliver the best quality

We propose to touristic agencies to benefit from our expertise in several fields:

  • New itineraries: Florent Egal has explored thousands of kilometers through the Saudi desert including wonderful areas that are yet to be shown to the world
  • Building website: Makki has set up the website of the Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide and some tour operators in KSA.

Our Mission: to reveal and to create links

About the Author

My name is Florent Egal, I am a French national living in Riyadh since January 2010. After six years of exploration of Saudi Arabia I have decided to show with this website that KSA has much more to offer than the stereotype landscape of empty extends of sand dunes. I hope that after reading through these pages people will feel the same willingness and amazement than I have to discover this fascinating country

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