Riyadh Province

The central region for many reasons


Riyadh Province is central to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for several reasons: geographical, historical, political, and economical.

Riyadh is the second largest province in terms of both the area and the population.

Places to visit in Riyadh Province

Edge of the World
Edge of the World: the popular natural wonder of Riyadh region (author: Florent Egal)
Historical Diriyah
The birth place of the Saudi Kingdom (author: Andy Conder)
Khasm Al-Asmar – Graffiti Rock 2
Of sand dunes and rock art... (author: Florent Egal)
Musayqirah – Graffiti Rock 1
Mussigrah - Graffiti Rock 1: the rich past of Riyadh's region carved in the rock (author: Florent Egal)
Riyadh (city)
The political and historical heart of Saudi Arabia (author: Andy Conder)
Star Dunes – Northern Ad-Dahna
The natural stars of Riyadh Province (author: Florent Egal)
The Rub’ Al-Khali
The most mythical desert in the world (author: Florent Egal)
Ushaiger Heritage Village
Ushaiger Heritage Village: the iconic Najdi Village (author: Florent Egal)
Wadi Massal
Wadi Massal, inscriptions of ancient kings of Arabia (author: Florent Egal)

Tours organizing trips in Riyadh Province

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The central region for many reasons (author: Florent Egal)

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My name is Florent Egal, I am a French national living in Riyadh since January 2010. After six years of exploration of Saudi Arabia I have decided to show with this website that KSA has much more to offer than the stereotype landscape of empty extends of sand dunes. I hope that after reading through these pages people will feel the same willingness and amazement than I have to discover this fascinating country

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