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The Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide is the result of a project initiated by a group of friends who want to raise the awareness about the unknown marvels and entertainment the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has to offer. The goal of his website consists in sharing the Saudi Arabia's experience of the authors and in creating links between people willing to live this unique experience and our network of Tour Guides.

This project was initiated by three people with different profiles and interests:

  •  Makki Al-Kurdi who initiated the project, as a Saudi national who was born in Saudi and lived also in Europe is familiar with both Saudi Arabia's traditions and modern lifestyle,
  • Andy Conder counts both the UK and South Africa as home, lived in Hail and Riyadh for seven years, is a  connoisseur of restaurants and delicacies one can encounter in the Kingdom, also involved with the motorsports and golfing associations in the kingdom
  • Florent Egal, a French National who has explored most of the Kingdom since he arrived in Riyadh early 2010. Florent has been fascinated by the stunning landscapes and incredibly rich history of Saudi Arabia from his first desert trip.

Who we are. The Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide team (author: Florent Egal)

About the Author

My name is Florent Egal, I am a French national living in Riyadh since January 2010. After six years of exploration of Saudi Arabia I have decided to show with this website that KSA has much more to offer than the stereotype landscape of empty extends of sand dunes. I hope that after reading through these pages people will feel the same willingness and amazement than I have to discover this fascinating country

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david - November 22, 2017 Reply

my wife and i will be in Riyadh 12/3. Can you arrange a day trip to edge of the world and anything else you would suggest?


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